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    Interior Design

    A Bedroom in a Bus! What We Considered for Design

    The bedroom. A tricky space to design around for us. Everyone sleeps, so you can’t just eliminate it. Most of the time while it’s in use, you’re unconscious. Since we would be awake and “living” in most of the other rooms of the bus, we wanted to make sure that our bedroom had as small of a footprint as possible within our bus build without being uncomfortable. The Bed Prior to bus life, we had a king-size bed and we knew we would want to downsize for buslife. Not only did we not use the whole bed, but everything would be bigger. Bigger pillows, bigger sheets, bigger blankets. Everything that’s…

  • a before and after of a school bus engine bay framing that is demolished to build a work bench
    Body Work,  Skoolie Build

    Air Intake Modification within the Engine Bay – More Livable Space!

    This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. See my full disclosure here We chose a flat-nosed rear engine bus because of the interior space it provided to our living quarters. However, there was a major obstacle standing between the ideal layout and being forced to put our bed at the rear of the bus to accommodate the air intake cowlings. As you can see in the “before” picture above, there are two large black plastic cowlings angled on each side of the rear window. These are for the cold air intake. They are necessary for the bus’s functionality and maintaining…

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    Body Work,  Skoolie Build

    Before Bus Life – Planning to Live in a School Bus

    Here are all the questions you might have if you are considering bus life. Why bus life? What made it possible? Where do I even start? What made bus life possible? Prior to bus life, we had fairly different lives than we do now. Here’s a throwback: Josh worked with heavy construction for his family’s business; running everything from scrapers to semi-trucks to dozers. He couldn’t take a classic summer vacation because he was one of those guys in the neon yellow shirts working from sunrise to sunset. Time off was usually limited to winter vacations. Since getting out of college, I had always worked in an office environment, as…

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    About Us,  Skoolie Build

    Introducing The Hard Way

    What the heck is “The Hard Way”? To introduce “The Hard Way”: it’s not coasting through life; rather, it’s being intentional with our time and actions, and gritting our teeth to persevere for a great final product. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. The Hard Way Before The Hard Way Josh started his adult career by studying Construction Management in college. He spent his summers working for his family’s earth moving business and then joined them full-time after graduation. This career led to working long hours in the summer. Once the South Dakota winter are over, this usually means sunrise to sunset. I studied Civil Engineering in college. After…