About Us

Emily and josh sitting at their breakfast nook enjoying coffee

Welcome! We are Josh and Emily. We both grew up in the Midwest, but now we travel full-time in our self-converted school bus (aka skoolie) exploring our beautiful country while still working full-time jobs remotely from our bus.

Josh grew up in a family that was always doing some sort of home remodel project. Growing up, he learned a lot about plumbing, tiling, and woodworking. During college, he worked for his grandpa’s earthmoving business. His passion of moving mud and digging holes as a kid in the backyard evolved into operating heavy equipment. As part of maintaining the equipment, Josh practiced welding and mechanics.

Emily was a curious and creative kid; she had a passion for mathematics and art. Her love of mathematics grew as she studied engineering in college. After college, Josh gave her the confidence and guidance to use power tools on her own. This opened the door to imagining and building unique furnishings.

As a result of COVID, Emily and Josh both work remote jobs. Rather than seeing the country for a week or two each year while on vacation, they decided to take their work on the road and see it every night and weekend.

Josh used his metal working knowledge to do a roof raise and add storage under their bus. Emily used her creative storage solutions to make the most out of every square inch of the bus. Now that they are traveling, Josh still uses his mechanical background from running heavy equipment as a knowledge base for everyday bus maintenance. Emily makes sure to find all the fun destinations along the way.

See a 60-second tour of our skoolie home here:

To learn about our upcoming projects, watch this!