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Love our skoolie? Can’t find the perfect tool for the job or the right materials for your space? Shop items from our skoolie’s build and check out the tools we used, the materials we put into it, and the decorations inside in our Amazon storefront!

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Just getting started with no tools of your own? These were our favorites that we used in our skoolie build and will continue to use in future projects. Josh decided we would be a Dewalt family with the exception of one Milwaukee impact driver because it had more torque than the Dewalt competition. We have also included some construction consumables, such from paint filters to water test strips.

Shop for tools here:

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Looking for something that you just can’t find at Home Depot? Chances are we had the same problem. Here’s everything we put into our skoolie’s utilities and exterior of the build. This list includes items we needed from steel fasteners, waterproofing our door, to electrical connectors.

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Love our style? Check out everything we put on the inside of our skoolie, from air plants to our spice containers! Shop our skoolie for interior decorations, whether you are building your own skoolie or simplify and declutter your home life.

Living Room & Decorations

We wanted to make sure our school bus felt as much like a home as possible. For us, that meant including lots of plants, decorations, and a hanging hammock chair! A link to our living room and decorations can be found here.


Our kitchen got a lot of the square footage real estate because we love to cook! With that passion comes a lot of gadgets, lot of spices, and a lot of pantry storage. A link to our favorite storage solutions and appliances is here.


We chose to keep our bathroom very minimal to save space, which means this list is fairly short. We do love using RV pods to keep our grey and black water tank smell to a minimum. If you’re wondering why we have a succulent planter on this list, it’s because we repurposed it into our sink! Find this list here.

Interior Build Materials

We couldn’t make any average curtain work in a school bus, so this list includes materials that we needed for all our custom creations inside the bus. It includes materials we used for our curtains, to our dash controls, LED lights, and hardware. Find this list here.

Feel free to reach out if there are items that you have seen within our build series or through our social media feed. Throughout our build, we looked for deals and visited many different shops and stores to find the products we wanted. For example, your average Home Depot or Menards doesn’t always have a large variety of solar connectors that you might need, so some things you just have to find online. We would love to help you find the perfect look and performance you want, as not all of our items came from Amazon.

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